Shoes for Sherpas in the Dhading District

Dhading District

Loading duffel bags filled with shoes into a truck for the first part of our five village distribution.

In June 2013, Shoes for Sherpas distributed athletic shoes, children’s shoes, and hiking boots to residents of five rural villages in the Dhading District of Nepal (Kuri, Sing Gang, Brichett, Darkha, and Upper Ghormu).

Our project coordinator, Gopal Tamang, identified the villages, and coordinated the distribution and transportation of the footwear; each village independently decided how to distribute the shoes amongst its residents, and volunteers transported the bags of shoes for hours over mountainous trails.

A local community leader from the village of Kuri approached us during the shoe distribution there, and asked if we could build a latrine at their school where the distribution was taking place. Currently, children have to leave the school and return home to use the toilet during the school day. In the fall of 2014 we will start construction on the latrine!

We couldn’t have had this successful distribution without the participation of our donors; those who gave money to pay for shipping, and those who donated footwear. Thank you so much for your generosity, your generosity has touched many hearts.