Our Leadership Team

The Colorado Nepal Alliance is an all volunteer organization. This is just one way that we keep our overhead low, making sure that all of your donations go to work in rural Nepal. We are Coloradoans and Nepalis, working together to enhance the lives of those living in rural Nepal.

Anne Hines Bio Photo

Anne Hines

Executive Director and Co-Founder
Realize how lucky you are - then see what you can do for others who don't have the same advantages.

Larry Leszczynski

Board Vice President and Co-Founder
Small things can make big differences in people's lives.
Gopal Tamang

Gopal Tamang

Nepal Project Coordinator
Didi [Big Sister] -- do not worry! Things will get done! We are helping the people, and they are happy!

Dr. Pramod Khanal

Medical Director & Board Member
Dr. Pramod Khanal is the Medical Director for Colorado Nepal Alliance. A ...

Nonprofit Board Members

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Colorado Nepal Alliance is accountable to a board of directors. Our volunteer board members generously contribute their time, money, and considerable talent to our organization. The board is responsible for oversight of your donations and the development of our strategic vision.

Greg Whiting

Board Member
If you have an idea as to how to make life better for other people…why not go ahead and do it?
Colorado Nepal Alliance Board Member Dawn Tucker

Dawn Tucker

Board Member
Dawn is a plant biologist turned HVAC engineer. She has been a major donor of ...

Dr. Pramod Khanal

Medical Director & Board Member
Dr. Pramod Khanal is the Medical Director for Colorado Nepal Alliance. A ...

Our Volunteer Team

If you're going to run an all volunteer organization, you'd better have some talented friends. Fortunately, we've got plenty! Our volunteers come from all walks of life in Colorado and beyond. We're medical researchers, photographers, teachers, computer programmers, and students, who feel deeply connected to our brothers and sisters in Nepal, and who refuse to sit idly by while the people of Nepal are in need.

Levi - 2014-09-19_11_48_21

Levi Bonnell

Shoe Distributor & Documenter
Levi traveled with Shoes for Sherpas to Nepal in 2014. He provided invaluable ...
Leadership Team - Jeremi Poulin

Jeremi Poulin

Volunteer Project Manager
I'm here in Nepal because I love the people and I want to help them rebuild their schools. But the truth is that I'm also here for their delicious dal bhat. Everywhere I go it tastes same same but different and I can't get enough of it. I'm a believer of Nepali saying: dal bhat power 24h!

Elizabeth Campagna

Expert Bag Packer & Duffel-hauler
Elizabeth traveled with CNA to Nepal in the fall of 2014 as part of our largest ...

Andi Burnam

Graphic Designer, Chocolatier
Andi is a dream come true for an organization like ours. Not only is she ...

Dave Gaskin

Web Guy
David became a volunteer with Shoes for Sherpas to atone for all of the ...

Sarah Wilson

Pedaler in Chief
Like many of our wonderful volunteers, Sarah came to us after the April 25th ...

Mingma Nuru Sherpa

Nepal Team
Mingma is an indispensable part of our Nepal team. Before the earthquakes, ...

Amy Winston

Former Board Member and Volunteer
Amy's paralegal background with nonprofits has been invaluable. She is ...

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