Bike4Nepal Days 1-3: Denver to Fraser, CO

Day 1: Colorado State Capitol building to Golden, CO – 15 miles

The kickoff ride and celebration was a huge success! Several news stations covered the kickoff at the capitol building, and five people accompanied me on their bikes to the celebration at the Sherpa House in Golden. Lakhpa and the rest of the Sherpa House staff presented me with a beautiful Nepalese scarf and had me circle the prayer wheel with my bike for good luck.

Shoutout of the day: I’m so grateful to everyone who came to the Capitol, rode bikes, and celebrated my departure! Your encouragement and support makes this possible!

Day 2: Golden to Floyd Hill, CO – 53 miles (mostly off-route)

Not quite finished packing or ready to go, I did a half-day loop from my house including the stretch from Golden to the top of Floyd hill. Several people met me at the bottom of lookout mountain to ride along. We took silly pictures with the baby buffalo at Genesee, and then got caught in the rain.

Shoutout of the day: Thanks to John E. for riding with me both days, and for the generous contribution from him and his wife.

Day 3: Floyd Hill to Fraser, CO – 50 miles 

I got an early start this morning with David T. and, fully loaded for the first time, we slogged our way towards the bottom of Berthoud Pass. A headwind picked up at Empire, which was demoralizing. However, after giving David some of my weight to carry and falling into a rhythm, and with the wind at our backs after the first switchback, Berthoud pass wasn’t as hard as I expected. David turned around upon reaching the divide to head back to his car, while I continued down the other side to Winter Park and Fraser.

 Shoutout of the day: David T. has been one of my biggest supporters. In addition to coaxing me up Berthoud, he’s provided training support, endless advice, and plenty of gear!